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BetterHelp is the global leader in providing online therapy & virtual mental health services to people that deserve to improve their lives by feeling better & supported. Your mental health can improve by working with our licensed & experienced counselors that have the ability to deal with issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and more.

Accessible and Affordable
 Over 25,000 licensed mental health therapists

Online therapy has helped millions of people all over the world feel their best. BetterHelp is the global leader in online therapy and licensed mental health services designed to help people feel better without even having to leave their homes. If you don't want to use health insurance for our services, the good news is... you don't have to.

Our platform matches people with an experienced, licensed therapist online. The convenient and effective online therapy treatment BetterHelp provides helps with common mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety, as well as everyday life challenges. If you are considering online therapy, you can easily start your journey today by filling out a quick questionnaire and getting matched with a therapist who is right for you. Don't let work, school, or other responsibilities prevent you from getting the support you need.


Online Therapy With BetterHelp

A licensed therapist at BetterHelp can address anything from depression, anxiety, anger, and parenting, to health conditions, problems, or illnesses. Online therapy is designed to make it as easy as possible to get the help and support you need without even having to leave the house.

All 25,000+ licensed mental health professionals and therapists currently available for digital visits on the platform are experienced practitioners with varying degrees of training. Our online therapists come from a wide array of different backgrounds, practices, beliefs, and cultures. Some providers can help with very specific concerns and/or issues that are hard to deal with.

Some therapy approaches and specialties that our therapists focus on include mental health care and wellness such as yoga for mental health, marriage and family concerns, couples counseling, addiction, your career, gender-affirming therapy, existential therapy (dealing with realities of the human experience), and more.

BetterHelp counseling, one of the best online therapy sites, offers affordable therapy as an alternative to in-office therapy (which often costs $75 to $200 per session, compared to $60 to $90 using our service) since it allows therapists to communicate with their patients remotely through text-based chat (via text message), phone calls, or video calls; all of which can be easily done on your device. By choosing what method works best for you, you can get the help you need when you need it, and how you need it; whether you sense you need help with coping skills or a better understanding of positive thinking.

Benefits Of Online Therapy With A BetterHelp Therapist -
What Should You Know?
Accessible And Affordable

One of the biggest differences between online therapy and traditional in-person therapy is that you can speak to your therapist anytime and from anywhere that has a stable internet connection. You’ll have weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions (whichever works best for you), and in addition to that you can privately message your therapist anytime through the secure, encrypted app. You’ll receive a notification once they have responded.

Online therapy costs less ($60 to $90 per week here) because therapists are able to work from their home and thus don't have additional expenses, such as paying rent for an in-person office space; which might be why this kind of therapy ranges from $75 to $200 per session. These added expenses for a therapist generally increase their overhead, making sessions more expensive for clients all while increasing their personal cost of living. Working through an online platform can often keep their costs lower and allow them to reach a more diverse audience with a variety of payment options.

The cost of counseling on BetterHelp ranges from $60 to $90 per week, billed every 4 weeks. Plus, you can cancel your membership at any time for any reason; unlike many other areas of healthcare. Additionally, financial aid is offered to those who qualify.

No Location Or Insurance Issues

While metropolitan areas and cities (from California to New York) generally have a large number of therapists available, these locations only make up a portion of the country. Rural and suburban areas generally have fewer therapists, meaning appointments can get filled up quickly and there might not be many therapists to choose from. BetterHelp seeks to fill that gap through offering therapy anywhere there is an internet or data connection.

Online therapy sessions are convenient for people who are not in a geographical location with easy access to a therapist and is an effective solution for people who don't have reliable transportation needed for in-person therapy appointments or don't have therapy services in close proximity to them. With BetterHelp, providing the best online therapy, you can access a therapy appointment simply by logging onto your phone, tablet, or computer without paying the often-excessive fees often associated with this kind of support, regardless of your insurance company.


Some people may have trouble with or get nervous speaking to a new therapist face-to-face in a private office or practice. Online therapy allows anyone with communication concerns to have an alternative form of communication that makes them feel more comfortable in a specific setting, whether that means using messaging, live chat sessions, video calls, or other approved forms of communication.


Privacy is an important concern for many when it comes to mental health care. With online therapy, there is no risk of bumping into someone you know or having someone see you pull up to the therapist's office. This is another benefit of not having to leave the house for a psychotherapy session.

Additionally, your BetterHelp therapy room and private information is fully encrypted with bank-level encryption, and you have the option to remain completely anonymous, even to your therapist. If you'd like to learn more about BetterHelp's privacy policy, you can read our entire disclosure here.


People with disabilities or transportation concerns may find the traveling required to visit a therapist's office every week to be a barrier to treatment. Working with a therapist online completely removes the need for typical in-office therapy sessions. An increasing number of people appreciate the features often associated with technology-based therapy such as messaging, live chat, phone calls, video calls, and text therapy. These modalities allow everyone to find available therapists to work with through their preferred communication method without any need to leave the home.

Easy And Flexible Scheduling

It can be difficult for traditional therapy to fit into your schedule if you have a busy lifestyle. Working with a therapist online means you can message them any time you need to. You’ll receive a notification when your therapist is able to respond, and you can also see their session availability on a calendar in advance.

Online Therapy Communication Types - How Does Communication Happen? 

Messaging Therapy

Sending a message to your therapist allows you to take your time and write more which in turn allows the therapist to formulate a more detailed response. It’s also helpful if you want to note something you’d like to discuss in your next live session.

Live Chat Therapy

Live chat is similar to messaging, except you will receive live responses throughout the duration of your session. This is a great option if you need to take your psychotherapy session someplace that isn’t private such as a cafe, or if you are shy about speaking through phone or video.

Voice Call Therapy

Using your mobile phone or the BetterHelp app, you can speak to your therapist through voice calls, similar to talking on a phone. This allows for tone and emotions to come through audio to your therapist, although you will not see each other’s faces.

Video Therapy

Video therapy is ideal if you want an experience that is comparable to seeing a therapist in person. You will be able to see each other’s body language and hear each other’s tone of voice. We recommend this type of session over others as it provides the most impactful connection and results.

Is Online Therapy Right For You?
Affordable Cost

For many people interested in psychotherapy in the United States, finding an affordable option can be a challenge; especially with in-person sessions ranging from $75 to $200 per session. This is a primary reason why working with a licensed therapist at BetterHelp has become increasingly popular; costing only $60 to $90 per week. Even if you have traditional health insurance, it can be a struggle to find a therapist who accepts your particular insurance, which means many seeking psychotherapy have to pay out of pocket. Learn more about how much therapy usually costs through our platform, as well as how we handle insurance companies limitations.


There are a variety of ways internet-based therapy can work, whether through unlimited messaging therapy, phone calls, or video sessions. This means visiting a therapist's office in person isn't required for BetterHelp sessions since all sessions are virtual. Sessions are personalized to you, whether for issues including anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, parenting, problem solving, breaking bad habits, making friends, saying goodbye, or other life challenges, concerns, and events.

Relationship, Family, And Child Care

If you're looking to get mental health support for your child/teenager, need a family session, are specifically seeking relationship therapy, or want to recommend any of these options to a friend, you can find thousands of marriage and relationship therapists over at ReGain, and a platform just for parents and teens between the ages of 13-19 years old at TeenCounseling. These are both sister sites of BetterHelp, and function in much the same way and offer the same benefits as BetterHelp.

Virtual Video Chat, Phone & Talk Therapy Sessions For Your Comfort

People express their emotions in different ways, and it's not always easy being open and honest about your feelings whilst sitting in a therapist’s office. It could exacerbate anxious feelings for people with social anxiety and can make them feel like shutting down. If you struggle with social anxiety or trauma, you can take extra time on BetterHelp to get comfortable with your therapist. You can start with messaging and build up to sessions that are mostly or all via video chats or phone chats - whatever you are most comfortable with.

There's something special about communicating with a therapist in the privacy of your own home or a comfortable space that you've chosen for your online sessions. With a traditional therapist, you're in a new environment during a session waiting for them to guide you. The therapist typically chooses the place for treatment, and you may feel like a visitor in their space. This can potentially get in the way of feeling comfortable enough to properly open up.

With online therapy, you're in control of where you receive care for your concerns and challenging situations. If you're experiencing panic, sometimes being in familiar surroundings helps, rather than having to be in a space or environment you're uncomfortable or unfamiliar with. With BetterHelp, you choose the surroundings, and you control when and how you get the help you need.

Help With Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health Support Via Therapist Diversity

You can choose from many different licensed virtual therapists from our network of over 20,000 licensed therapists in their respective field of expertise. When you're looking through your health insurance company's list of providers, you may not see a therapist who treats your issues or one who is best suited for you. With BetterHelp, you can change your therapist with a simple click of a button until you find one who is a good match, all while getting care that is overall more affordable than in-person therapy (which is generally $75, $80, or $200 per session, compared to $60 or $65 to $90 using our service) whether you have insurance or not.

We strongly believe our clients should have the choice to be matched correctly with someone who is a good fit for them, so feel free to test and see if you've been properly matched with a therapist. Alternatively, you can reach out to our member success team to be personally matched to someone. We want you to know that we support your decision to do an evaluation on whether or not you have the right fit (or you have a lack of respect for their methods) when deciding to switch therapists if that is something you decide to do. There is no hassle or frustration when making the needed change whether you are here for individual counseling, couples therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy online.

Common Concerns Of Online Therapy -
What Are People Concerned About

Best Online Therapy Privacy Teletherapy Option For Secure Sessions

Whether in-person or online, therapists are legally required to keep everything discussed in sessions confidential, unless you express a wish to harm yourself or others. BetterHelp therapists are HIPAA compliant, and all messages, videos, and sessions exchanged on the platform are encrypted with bank-level encryption. This makes sure we protect, and store your personal information with the security & confidentiality you deserve.

Best Source Of Professional Licensed Virtual Therapists With Credentials

All therapists at BetterHelp are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists (PhD / PsyD), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), or board licensed professional counselors (LPC). Several therapists on our platform are doctors of psychology and have received a doctorate degree. Every psychotherapist on our platform must pass through multiple rounds of assessment and interviews, including a rigorous background check to verify state licensing boards' credentials. All of our therapists have at least 1,000 hours and three years' worth of therapy experience; and many of them with extensive education at various schools, colleges, and universities.

This allows our experts to help with general topics and concerns or more specific concerns like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), couples therapy, anxiety, stress, grief, covid anxiety, depression, divorce, communication skills, phobias, emotion regulation, motivation, race relations, goal setting, substance misuse, and many others. Through therapy, you can receive techniques and solutions to live a happier life, and sometimes even a diagnosis for what it is you are experiencing. BetterHelp therapists can assist various people with different parts of their lived experiences to shift their behaviors and thinking for the better.

Why BetterHelp Is The Better Online Therapy Option

BetterHelp is a therapy service designed to help people struggling with common mental health concerns. If you are struggling, know that you're not alone, and we're ready to help you regardless of whether you have health insurance. We strive to make it as easy and accessible as possible to find a qualified therapist who can meet your needs.

For more information about our company and therapy services, as well as the kind of therapeutic relationship you might build with our therapists, please visit our FAQ section to view answers to common questions about therapy on our platform. If you have specific questions about therapy with BetterHelp, please use our contact page to send us an email message and one of our caring member advocates will reach back out to you within 48 hours.

If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger due to an emergency, please don’t use this service.

For domestic violence support, please contact The National Domestic Hotline in Washington, DC at 1-800-799-7233 - Twitter.

For substance abuse support, please contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) - Twitter.

For sexual abuse support, please contact the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network at 1-800-656-4673 - Twitter.

Therapy & counseling sessions on the phone with a therapist that provides psychotherapy services online.

For help with suicidal thoughts, call the 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, which can provide you with immediate help for an emergency call, or visit the nearest emergency room and get the emergency resources you need

BetterHelp In The News

All-You-Can-Text Therapy Services

By Joshua Fruhlinger

“My BetterHelp therapist asked the same kinds of thought-provoking questions as the traditional therapists I worked with in the past. (What is it about your future that you’re unsure of? Can you tell me about your old life and what is different now?) Because of the continuing, open-ended nature of the text chat, however, she helped me identify anxiety triggers and coping mechanisms much faster than it would have taken had we met only once a week. What’s more, I came to find that launching the BetterHelp site on my smartphone or laptop and writing out my thoughts became therapeutic in itself.”

“A lot of the user base that’s interested are people who have never set foot in a therapist’s office,” says Haesue Jo, a licensed therapist and clinical support lead at BetterHelp, an online counseling and therapy service that provides web-based, phone, and text interaction. “This is a way for people to stick their toe in the water if they’ve been fearful of talking to a therapist before.”

Therapy Changing As People Seek Mental Health Services

By Jennifer Nelson

Online Mental Health Services Spike Up During Pandemic

By Bambi Francisco Roizen

“We’ve heard from our therapists how Coronavirus increased the level of anxiety with their current clients. We’ve also seen a spike in people starting online therapy with us,’ Alon Matas, President of Teladoc’s BetterHelp, told me. ‘The number of new members with concerns of stress and anxiety in February more than doubled vs. February of last year, and this trend is accelerating in March.’ BetterHelp provided free service for clients who have been financially impacted by the outbreak (e.g., layoff or loss of income). The company is offering financial aid for a new client that can cover nearly 50% of the counseling cost. Counselors will still be paid, but BetterHelp will subsidize the loss.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Online Therapy Sessions
How much is online therapy?

The cost of online therapy varies by platform. BetterHelp ranges from $60 to $90 per week (weekly rate billed every four weeks) for unlimited messaging and weekly video, phone (talk therapy), or chat appointments with a licensed mental health professional ; not simply social workers. This is much less than the national US market average ($125-$199) for therapy appointments while offering even more ways to communicate with your therapist. BetterHelp also offers a financial aid discount to those who qualify. Reach out to us at if you have any questions about the cost of using BetterHelp, the online therapy service global leader.

How can online therapy help me?

Therapy has changed hundreds lives for the better. Online therapy holds all the same mental health benefits as in-person therapy, with the added convenience of being able to talk to your therapist anytime, anywhere. With options for messaging, live chat, telephone calls, and video calls, you can choose a method of communication that is most comfortable for you, all with a licensed therapist just as qualified (either by training and/or studying in various schools) as one you would see in an office. After filling out a questionnaire and being matched with a therapist who fits your needs, you can meet with your initial consultation therapist, beginning your journey to create an improvement with yourself right away.


If the therapist you are initially matched with isn’t a good fit, you can change therapists at any time right from your profile, no questions asked. This allows you more time to get started on your own betterment rather than having to go through your insurance or calling multiple therapist offices in your area which often have long wait times. Be sure to check out 10,000s of therapy reviews to hear the first-hand opinions of users that have access to and have used our platform to overcome common hurdles barriers to therapy.

Where can I learn more about BetterHelp?

Interested in learning more about why BetterHelp is the leader of online therapy companies and teletherapy platforms? Find our social media, sister sites, and news about us using the below links:








About Our Company - Learn more about us and our mission as the global leader of the best online therapy services. Discover how affordable video chat, phone, or virtual talk therapy sessions with one of the licensed professional therapists here can provide you with tools and support for topics like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health symptoms or concerns.


Online Therapy Reviews - Real experiences and online therapy reviews that our users have had on our virtual counseling platform that offers convenient, affordable teletherapy services.


Press Room - News coverage about BetterHelp (part of Teladoc Health) as the global telehealth leader.


Advice Content - 1,000s of free researched & medical reviewed articles  on our blog are designed to help our readers understand mental health topics like psychology, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, stress management, adult depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and more. If you're looking for a topic we haven't covered, reach out to our team (a growing editorial staff with bios included) to see how we can produce the best content to address that subject. Let the global leader of online therapist services help you; which could be one of the best decisions of your life. - Professional mental health online psychotherapy from a biblical perspective. Visit the website to see if this religion & faith-based service is the type of counseling you're looking for. - Our teen counseling platform allows parents and teens to set up an online account to provide teen therapy, helpful recommendations, and assistance. Learn how this form of family counseling can help your teen using our teletherapy services. - Couples and families on this platform have experienced how teletherapy can help better understand a majority of the reasons and behaviors that can make relationships challenging and how to deal with them via marriage counseling. Learn how we can help your relationships with counseling online by connecting you with a licensed marriage and family therapist with experience with family conflicts; without creating outside judgment or criticism, but instead with empathy about your relationship. - Pride Counseling best serves adults in the LGBTQIA+ community. Learn how Pride Counseling can help you by matching you with a professional licensed therapist on our secure platform.

Does insurance cover online therapy?

This depends on a few factors and varies among insurance plans. BetterHelp does not officially accept insurance or partner with any insurance providers and partners. However, the Mental Health Parity Act currently requires that employers and others who provide access to group health plans must offer equal benefits for medical and mental health-related services.


As a result, some major health insurance providers now cover or offer reimbursement for online behavioral and mental health services; all of which is covered by insurance. The best way to find out if you can have online therapy covered by your health insurance is to ask your provider by either calling them or reviewing your coverage plan online. From there, your provider can help you find a therapist's office with their insurance accepted that lines up with your insurance plan.

Does Medicare or Medicaid insurance cover online therapy through BetterHelp?

The BetterHelp therapy service offers affordable online therapy (typically $60 to $90 per week) with experienced and licensed therapists there to provide the support and therapeutic methodology you need. In some cases, out-of-pocket costs for therapy can be reimbursed by medical insurance or a behavioral health plan.


If you aren’t sure if your health plan provides insurance coverage for the therapy cost and related services, reach out to your Medicare or Medicaid insurance provider before your first appointment. You can find the contact information for your Medicare or Medicaid provider on the back of your state-issued health insurance card. Much of the same can be said about using FSA or HSA cards on our platform although not all of the best online therapy programs accept them.

Does BetterHelp offer free online therapy & counseling?

The therapy services offered at BetterHelp are not free or on a trial basis. As the leading global provider of all online therapy platforms, we employ a large, dedicated team and contract with thousands of licensed therapists & psychologists to provide convenient, accessible, and affordable online therapy. Making this happen comes at a cost which is why we can’t provide the service for free, because we feel people do best when therapists are licensed. That being said, we offer financial aid to those who qualify to make the therapy cost even more accessible and affordable to those who need the extra help; costing $60 to 90 per week. Simply reach out to to find out how to apply.

Is online therapy as effective as in-person?

Many studies have confirmed the effectiveness of online therapy for making positive life changes. For example, research published by JMIR Publications and the Berkeley Well-Being Institute found that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. Whether you decide to seek therapy in-person or online, working with an experienced and licensed therapist can help you understand their methodology to help you overcome various aspects of mental health and life challenges. You can read the full study and survey here. In the future, we'll share more history and details about the science behind various online therapies, their efficacy, as well as the range of modes and capacities it can help people.

Andersson, G., & Cuijpers, P. (2009). Internet-based and other computerized psychological treatments for adult depression: A meta-analysis. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 38(4), 196-205.

     Is online therapy cheaper than in-person therapy?

Generally speaking, yes! While we can not guarantee that online therapy pricing is the cheaper option 100% of the time because in-person session prices will vary by therapist, location, commission, and insurance plans, we can confidently say that BetterHelp is more affordable than most other options (typically costing $99 to $200 for face-to-face therapy) when paying out of pocket against a deductible, while also helping you save money that you may otherwise spend to see a therapist via traditional in-person therapy sessions... such as bus fare, gas, or parking.

    How much is an online therapy session?

The cost of therapy through BetterHelp subscription options ranges from $60 to $90 per week (billed every 4 weeks as a subscription plan) and it is based on your location, preferences, budget, and therapist availability. Customers can cancel membership at any time, for any reason. Your membership payments will be charged to a credit card or PayPal on a recurring basis. If you accomplish your goals or if you find psychotherapy with BetterHelp (one of the best online therapy platforms) to no longer be helpful for any reason, you can simply cancel the subscription.

What are the disadvantages of the best online therapy counseling services with a therapist?

Online therapy has been found to be just as effective and sometimes better than in-person or exposure therapy when it comes to treating common mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, online therapy is not recommended for those struggling with more serious mental health concerns such as psychosis or suicidal thoughts. If BetterHelp is not the best fit for you, our member advocate team can help refer you to a local in-person psychologist that can help you follow a therapy process that is more suitable for you.

Can counseling help with depression?

Review this comparison between online therapy for depression (a common mental illness) and face to face therapy; which involved live video chat and text message based therapy with an online therapist at a moments notice (which on our platform are professionals licensed in their state). BetterHelp, part of Teladoc Health, can help you deal with depression or any of your other therapy goals.
Internet-based versus face-to-face cognitive-behavioral intervention for depression: A randomized controlled non-inferiority trial.

How often should you go to therapy?

Most people who see a therapist whether in-person or online have a session once a week. This allows a steady pace of communication with healthy reflection between sessions, which is why we encourage you to chat with your therapist. BetterHelp subscription plans include one live session per week along with unlimited messaging with your therapist. If you would like more than one session a week, you can let your therapist know and reach out to the member advocate team to make an adjustment to your subscription plan. Ultimately, it's up to you how much you want to use the service. The best way to make use of a BetterHelp subscription is for individuals to have weekly live sessions with messages, journal writing, complete assigned worksheets, and attend a group session with our communities in between.

Is BetterHelp actually good?

BetterHelp is the leading online therapy platform in the industry and has the largest selection and network of therapists & psychologists for a good reason. With over two million sessions completed and thousands of positive reviews (generally 4-5 stars), it's obvious that BetterHelp is a great option for improving mental health and addressing everyday life challenges. Of course, psychotherapy is what you make of it and how willing you are to work on yourself. If you put in the effort with a therapist who is a good fit for you, we're confident that you'll join the thousands of others with positive reviews. Lastly, BetterHep therapists are HIPAA compliant.

Is therapy over the phone effective?

Therapy in any form can be effective, with phone sessions being an excellent option for those who struggle communicating over video or face-to-face. On the phone, you have freedom of movement which helps many organize their thoughts. Although your therapist won't be able to read your body language or see your facial expressions, they can still hear your tone of voice which can help them add a layer of insight to the words you say. BetterHelp gives you multiple options to communicate with your therapist, so we encourage you to try them all out and see what works best for you.

Do therapists prescribe medication?

Therapists do not prescribe medication. BetterHelp does not offer prescriptions or medication management services at this time. For mental health medication, please reach out to medical professionals such as your doctor, physician, therapist or psychiatrist.

Are BetterHelp therapists licensed?

All therapists at BetterHelp are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists (PhD / PsyD), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), or board licensed master's degree holding professional counselors (LPC). Our team ensures that every provider we bring to the platform is fully licensed and in good standing. Providers who apply are required to provide proper licensure documentation and proof of identity. With that objective in mind, we then cross-check their licensure information with their respective state licensing board.


In addition to checking credentials, each potential provider needs to complete a case study exam graded by a licensed clinician and be evaluated in a video interview. The result of this rigorous process is that only about 20% of the therapists & psychologists who apply to work through the BetterHelp online therapy program are accepted to the platform. We also show the full licensing information for each provider to make it easy for you to do your own due diligence on your therapist.

How long do the best online therapy sessions last?

The length of a BetterHelp online therapy session depends on the therapist you're matched with and the program they put in place for your benefit. Most therapists & psychologists on our platform offer one 30-50 minute live therapy session per week, although other platforms psychotherapy companies like Talkspace or Amwell might differ. If you would like longer or more frequent appointments with your online counselor, please reach out to your therapist as well as the member advocate team to see if this is something we can accommodate with your subscriptions. Outside of your weekly live session, you can message your therapist at any time; even outside of your scheduled online counseling sessions in order to receive feedback.

How much does it cost to talk to a virtual therapist?

The cost of virtual therapy at BetterHelp ranges from $60 to $90, billed monthly. When compared to most face to face therapy (aka in person therapy) appointments, the cost of online counseling via the BetterHelp app is the more cost effective option. These are some of the reasons why people use the BetterHelp platform simply because the online therapy cost is cheaper than traditional therapy; without limits to the common issues that therapists specialize in.

What Is It?

Therapy Is Personal

Therapy is a personal experience, and not everyone will go into it seeking the same things. Keeping this in mind can ensure that you will get the most out of counseling, regardless of what your specific goals or mental health conditions are. If you’re still wondering if BetterHelp is right for you, and how much online therapy costs, please contact us at BetterHelp, the world's largest therapy platform and part of Teladoc Health, can help you today on your journey to better mental health and get access to a licensed counselor.

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Does Insurance Cover Therapy?

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The Best Online Therapy Platforms

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Is Online Therapy Chat Effective?

"Technology has changed every aspect of life, including the way psychotherapy is practiced. While some traditionalists may look down on online chat therapy as a therapeutic tool, research has shown that chat is indeed an effective way of treating a large range of mental health issues and, in fact, produces results comparable to traditional therapy. If..."

Online Therapy For Teens Can Help

"Does your teen seem to be having problems in their daily life? You may feel that your teen picks fights with you, or are argumentative without effective coping skills for teens. Other teens may be more withdrawn or fail to follow house rules. Maybe they just seem different from how they were before. Each of these things could be a normal part of adolescent mental health stages..."

Affordable Online Therapy With BetterHelp

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Find The Best Psychiatrist Providing Online Therapy With Medication

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Is Online Therapy Effective?

"If you're going through one of life's major transitions like, a breakup, or feel confused about your identity, suffer from low self-esteem, or are experiencing the effects of mental health or emotional problems, online sessions with an online therapy provider can be an effective and convenient way to get the support..."

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

"Paying the typical cost for a therapy session (or mental health therapist services) can be a major challenge for many people. You may wonder about the cost per session. Several mental health professionals provide therapy, and it can be difficult to know which one to choose and to see long..."

Additional resources and articles are reviewed by our mental health professional editorial team here in our advice section; covering a variety of therapy approaches as well as details about the history and science behind therapies provided online. Learn more about mental health, online counseling, and how you can work with a therapist today.

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Benefits Of Online Mental Health Counseling

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Define The Best Quality Online Therapy

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Does BetterHelp Take Insurance?

"One of the first considerations you probably have when signing up for BetterHelp online therapy is how much it will cost you and if the platform will take insurance. It’s important to consider the logistics of taking on a new weekly or monthly expense. Now let’s explore what BetterHelp is, how..."

Finding A Therapist Near You

"If you've been wondering how to connect with a therapist or counseling psychologist, this is a sign that you are ready to seek professional help for resolving new or existing mental health challenges like depression and anxiety. When you decide to find therapists for support or marriage counseling..."

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"If you have chronic mental health symptoms and can't afford to get traditional counseling and mental health treatment through traditional therapy or medication management options, you may find yourself searching online for 100% free online counseling services."

How I Designed Online Therapy For Me

"Online therapy is becoming an increasingly popular method for handling mental health related issues. One of the reasons for this spike in popularity is that you can now design a customized therapy plan that works for you- without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home."

Online Therapy Reviews

"These quotes represent a few of the many positive reviews that we have received for therapists who work with BetterHelp. We don’t pay anyone to provide their review and they are all made voluntarily. Some people's experience receiving therapy with BetterHelp might be different. If you would like to review your therapist, please send your review to"

What Are The Best Therapy Apps?

"If you need help with a mental health challenge like depression or anxiety, consider mobile apps available to you on your phone or tablet. An accessible mental health app gives you the opportunity to take control of your mental well-being and find help from the comfort of your own home. Online..."

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Online Counseling

"There comes a time in nearly everyone’s life when they find themselves in a situation where they need someone to talk to about their issues. This might mean it is time to find online therapy resources to lend a hand. There are many advantages of talking through one’s issues..."

Why Is Online Therapy So Popular?

"When faced with difficult situations, having options can be a relief. Being able to make a choice, even if just the lesser of two evils, allows us to feel at least somewhat in control and a little less at the mercy of forces we cannot understand. When it comes to mental health issues, you should not have..."

Are Therapy Websites A Scam?

"For those who have never tried online therapy, it can seem too good to be true. After all, therapy websites promise counseling services any time around the clock, seven days a week, that you can access anywhere with an internet connection. It costs less than traditional counseling too. You're..."

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